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July 20, 2011
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Hey guys I hope your going to this next chapter because work very hard on it. = )

Naruto: I do not own Naruto or his friends.

Warnings: theirs NaruSasu,Yaoi and Mpreg (a little later ok ^^;)

Now lets started XD

NaruSasu Vamprie Love Story
Chapter 2

Naruto's POV (still XD)

I looked at Sasuke "Why are you Blushing Sasuke?" I asked him.Sasuke's eyes went wide"N-nothing..Ok..." he said as he stutter and he turn his head away from me.
"Oh ok" I said then I went to the other side of him and I looked at him and see he was still blushing then I said"Then why are you still blushing Sasuke?..mmm?" I looked at him.

Sasuke's POV

My face turn very very red as a tomato.'Crap...why am I blushing so much?'I thought. "Well Sasuke?" said the blue eye boy.I look at him and I said" I'm fine..." Then my throat started to burn."Ah!!" I scream as I grub my throat."Sasuke!! are you ok!!??" Said the worreid blond as he looked at me."ah...ah no I'm not..ah" I said while I was still holding my throat."Sasuke!!" Said Naruto with worried in his voice." Naruto....I need...ah...blood.." I said while I looked at Naruto blue eyes."Oh......why?" Asked Naru.
I look at Naruto " Baka!!! I'm a Vam- ah! vampire..."I said to him while I was holding my throat as it was still burning." Oh  you can have some of my blood if you want"he said  to me very kindly."T-thanks..." I said.

Nomal POV.
Naruto put his arm out to Sasuke so he could feed off him. Then Sasuke stick's his fangs into naruto's arm to drink his blood..

Naruto's POV

"Ah…." I moan as Sasuke was sucking my blood. He still sucking my blood and he look up at me and he release hes fangs from my arm and said " Thanks.." he said as he blush at me. "Why are blushing Sasuke?" I asked while I looking at him. "umm….I I.." he said while he looked away from me. 'Why is Sasuke blushing at me?' I thought as I put my hand on the back of my head then I said "Sasuke please tell me.." The dark hair boy was looking at me and replied " Ok but please don't laugh at me.." " Ok I won't I promise…" I said while looking at him. "Ok I..I think I'm falling in love with you…" Sasuke said as he turn he head away from me and then said" I understand if you don't feel the same way.." then he stand up and walk over to a different tree and lean against it. 'H….he loves me….but why?' he thought while his eyes went wide. " Why do you love me?" I asked him. He looked at me and said "I don't know, but somehow I fell in love with you…" He said with his eyes close and was still blushing. "oh…" I said while blushing a little and then I thought 'Maybe I love him to..'

Sasuke's POV

'Why do I love him?'I thought with my eyes still close. And then I remember what my big bro said to me.'Oh remember what Itachi said to me' he thought and was about to fall asleep stand up.

=Flash Back=

"Itachi can I ask you something?" I asked him.
"What is it?" He asked me.
" How do you know when you found your mate?" I asked him.
" Well you will know because 1 you will be blushing a lot around this parson, 2 You will not keep your eyes off this person and 3 your stomach will hurt like hell, so you well be going into yea then you well know" He said to me.I looked at and said" That last part sounds painful"
"well that's how vampire find their mates" My bro said to me.

=End Of Flash Back=

I open my eyes and thought' ok 1 I'm blushing a lot around Naruto....' I looked over to Naruto to see what's he was doing. Then the bonde looked to Sasu 'Why is he looking at me?' thought Naru. 'Why do I keep looking at him..?' I thought and then I thought again ' Oh great I can stop looking at him thats number 2..' My eyes go wide. Then I feel pain in my stomach. "Gah!" I scream and put both of my hands to my stomach.
'ah...Oh my god this hurts like hell! that's means Naruto is my mate' I thought and then I scream again.

Naruto's POV
I herd Sasuke screaming and then I looked over to him.
"Sasuke!! are you all right!!" I yelled with worried in my voice. " AHHH!" Sasuke said as he screamed with both on his hands still on his stomach and bend down a little."Than what wrong?" I said and ran to the tree where he was at. "My stomach hurts…" he said before he screamed again. I want over to him and hugged him while was still screaming."N..naruto..ah! why are you hugging me? Ahhhh!" Sasuke said as was trying not to screamed to loud. "Because I don't like seeing you in pain" I said to him while I was stilling hugging him. 'Why did I say that? And why is my heart betting so fast, Do I really love him…' I thought.

Sasuke's POV
I looked at him and I said"Why?..ah!" then was  I was screaming in pain again. "Because…I Lov…Love you that's why.." he said as he stuttering a little and blushing at me. "You do?" I asked and I screamed again because of the pain I was in right now. "Yea I do Sasu" he said. "Then kiss me,Naruto" I said looking at him. "Ok" he said. Then he lean toward me and kissed me and I moan it fell so good and then I broke  the kiss and I screamed very loud."Sasuke what's wrong?!" Said the worried blond. "Naruto I'm in heat…" I said as I holding my stomach with both of my hand like I was hugging it and wanted the pain to go away and now I was sweating like crazy. "What!!" He said with his eyes went wide.

End Of Chapter 2
Well thats it plz tell me what U think and No hate comments ok.
I do not own Naruto and his friends.
Warnings: NaruSasu, Yaoi and Mpreg (in later chapters ^^)

This was Written by: :iconnarusasulover16:

Chapter 1 : [link]
Next Chapter : not their yet..
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narusasulover16 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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Thanks. His name is Sasudie he is in one of my other stories on here.
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