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Sakura Haruno Smiling  by narusasulover16 Sakura Haruno Smiling :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 1 0 This is just a WIP Idea, I name her Sasukeydie by narusasulover16 This is just a WIP Idea, I name her Sasukeydie :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 1 1 Neko Sebastian Michaelis -lineart- by narusasulover16 Neko Sebastian Michaelis -lineart- :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 0 0 Adrian Cruz by narusasulover16 Adrian Cruz :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 2 5 Soma With a Bat  by narusasulover16 Soma With a Bat :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 5 0 Soma With a Bat -Outline- by narusasulover16 Soma With a Bat -Outline- :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 2 3 Sasudie In The Rain Crying -Cover- by narusasulover16 Sasudie In The Rain Crying -Cover- :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 2 0 Yandare-chan Under Cherry Blossom Tree by narusasulover16 Yandare-chan Under Cherry Blossom Tree :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 1 0 Kissing In The Forest -Outline- by narusasulover16 Kissing In The Forest -Outline- :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 1 0 Sayuri Walking Back Home by narusasulover16 Sayuri Walking Back Home :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 2 3 WIP Sasuko Uchiha by narusasulover16 WIP Sasuko Uchiha :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 2 0 Sasuke's Bloodly Night by narusasulover16 Sasuke's Bloodly Night :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 0 0 Young Sasuke 2 by narusasulover16 Young Sasuke 2 :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 1 0 Young Sasuke 1 by narusasulover16 Young Sasuke 1 :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 2 0 Young Link (OoT) by narusasulover16 Young Link (OoT) :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 1 0 Toy Bonnie by narusasulover16 Toy Bonnie :iconnarusasulover16:narusasulover16 1 0
I hope you like my Pics and Stories = )
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Learning To Love A Demon Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Neither Ciel nor Sebastian got any sleep that night,and they were sure that they kept the rest of the house awake too.
It was the middle of the afternoon before Ciel even woke up. And the only reason he cracked open his eye lids was because it seemed as if every member of the household was crowded into his room and yelling over each other.
Someone went to the curtains and ripped them back and Ciel groaned and buried his face into the pillows covering his ears.
"What is wrong with you people?" He mumbled into the pillow, positive that no one had heard him, he had wanted to wake up all love drunk and happy but instead he had a massive pain in his head and an even bigger pain in his backside. He knew that if he looked in the mirror he would be covered in bruises. After they had done it once Sebastian took it as the go ahead to be as rough with the blue haired man as he pleased.
And boy he had been rough.
He was trying as hard as he could to shut everyone out and go back to slee
:iconyuukiixzero:YuukiixZero 14 4
Learning To Love A Demon Chapter 1
Chapter 1
When Ciel descended into Hell with Sebastian he felt nothing, no pain, no fear, no anger, no hate, no disappointment, only a deep sense of satisfaction. He was in Sebastian's arms the one that he rightly owed his soul to. If only he had still had a soul left to give him.
What Alois had done was devious, just like the creature he was. But Ciel was secretly happy, he would get to spend eternity with Sebastian. Between revenge for his parents Murder and the memory loss, he had never really had time to sit down and think about how he really felt about Sebastian, all along he had seen him as a Butler. A demonic one that was bound to keep him safe and fulfil his every wish and demand until it was time to take his soul, but still a butler none the less.
Ciel was only ten when he made the contract with Sebastian, which meant he also seen him as a guardian as sorts, but ten turned into thirteen and soon Ciel was beginning to notice things about Sebastian he had never noticed before, o
:iconyuukiixzero:YuukiixZero 22 2
Mature content
His Butler Hurting in Pain C3 :iconsailorironmare:SailorIronMare 33 19
Mature content
His Butler, Hurting in Pain :iconsailorironmare:SailorIronMare 56 46
Mature content
Quadruple The Trouble (Kuroshitsuji Fanfic) :iconowliex:owliex 103 11
Sebastian x Grell Mpreg Meme by Karijn
Mature content
Sebastian x Grell Mpreg Meme :iconkarijn:Karijn 1,160 734
Chapter 15 - SebaCiel Fanfiction - The Surprise
Things were finally back to normal, if you could call two male demons and their rapidly growing daughter 'normal'.
It had taken months for both Ciel and Sebastian to stop checking on Hope every few minutes, and holding her for longer than the independent little girl could stand without fussing. They flinched at every footstep outside, which was difficult when their improved hearing meant they could hear every person going by in the street. They had a cupboard in their home, secured by an illogical number of baby-proofing features, which contained a small arsenal of weapons.
But now, as he looked at the peaceful scene before him, Ciel found he could fully relax for the first time since the sickening moment that he realised his daughter was not at home, where she should be. Hope sat on a rug before the fireplace (again, very thoroughly fireproofed - Sebastian had been a little over-exuberant with this) and giggled as Sebastian built block towers and knocked them down. This was just yet a
:iconsebacielfan140:Sebacielfan140 3 2
Chapter 14 - Sebaciel fanfiction - The Surprise
While Sebastian's well-trained eyes did not stray from the face of the danger before them, in the form of the beautiful she-demon Hannah Annafellows, Ciel's wide eyes strained through the snow to see his daughter. With his improved eyesight, he could not make out any visible damage to the beloved little girl, but the baby appeared to be wrapped in thick furs, her tiny hand encompassed by a thick mitten.
A fierce concentration took the place of his worry as he transferred his gaze to lock eyes with Hannah's. Hers were narrowed, her mouth an ugly grimace in an otherwise flawless face as she contemplated the problem before her. Had she expected that Sebastian and Ciel would give up their precious daughter without a fight? The thought stoked the fire in Ciel's chest, and he let out a ferocious snarl.
"Now now." Hannah began, her tone one of unease. "there's no need for that. I expected that my note would explain everything. Why on earth you felt the need to follow me all the way out here i
:iconsebacielfan140:Sebacielfan140 3 0
Chapter 13 - Sebaciel fanfiction - The Surprise
All the air seemed to leave the room, as the blood in Ciel's veins turned to ice. After all they had been through - the shock of the positive test, the struggle of the pregnancy, the terror of the birth, and all the sleepless nights - their precious baby was... gone? Just like that?
No. Anger like fire replaced the ice, hot and demanding. He would not let anything or anyone take Hope away. Turning to Sebastian, Ciel saw the same fire flickering within the elder demon's ruby eyes. As they turned to meet his, Ciel felt a familiar shiver - a mixture of fear and awe that he had regularly felt back when they were master and butler. Sebastian bared his teeth and swept from the room.
Both knew exactly what to do. Being the worriers that they were, they had created a plan for just such a situation, though they had prayed it would never be necessary. Sebastian began a search throughout the demonic world, searching for news of their beloved daughter. As a demon of high standing, many others from
:iconsebacielfan140:Sebacielfan140 4 2
Chapter 7 - Sebaciel Fanfiction - The Surprise
Ciel growled in frustration as the pieces of wood he had been trying to force together clunked to the floor yet again. Sebastian turned at the sound with a sigh, and looked down at his agitated boyfriend, who sat on the carpet surrounded by screws, screwdrivers, and pieces of wood. Ciel had been attempting to build the cot all morning, refusing offers of help and rejecting suggestions that he should maybe look at the instructions.
"Sebastian, this is clearly defective - none of the pieces fit together." Ciel huffed, crossing his arms and glaring at the offending unassembled furniture.
Sebastian stifled another sigh, and picked up the instruction booklet, which Ciel had cast aside with reassurances that 'he knew what he was doing' and the throwaway comment 'how hard could it be?'.
Scanning the first page, he searched through the pieces until he located the parts labelled A and B, then the screw shown in the diagram. The pieces slid together easily, and Sebastian secured them with the sc
:iconsebacielfan140:Sebacielfan140 7 3
Mature content
Chapter 4 - Sebaciel fanfiction - The Surprise :iconsebacielfan140:Sebacielfan140 4 0
Chapter 3 - Sebaciel fanfiction - The Surprise
"I'm... what...?"
Ciel slowly pulled back from his boyfriend's embrace, a jumble sale of emotions jostling for attention in his mind. Yet, at the same time, everything seemed to have stopped. Sebastian was looking down at him, his expression radiant. There were sparkling tears in his eyes, threatening to spill down his milky face.
"Pregnant. Ciel, we're going to have a baby!" Sebastian was laughing now, the tears glistening on his cheeks as his smile seemed to fill up his face. He tried to draw Ciel into a hug, but the younger demon resisted, his muscles seemingly locked in place. His expression was strangely blank. Sebastian's smile died away in degrees. "You are happy, aren't you love? Don't - don't you want this?"
Ciel's eyes suddenly blazed.
"No, Sebastian! I never wanted to be pregnant, are you mad?! I'm male! MALE! THAT was never something I wished for, because it shouldn't be possible!". Now Ciel was crying, while Sebastian stared at him, dumbfounded. The anger in the younger de
:iconsebacielfan140:Sebacielfan140 5 1
Castlevania OC Profile - Adam Cruz
Full Name: Adam Joseph Cruz (His middle name is a reference to Joseph Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, who Adam's personality is modeled after.)
Birthplace: New York City
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: White
Eyes: Gray (Red with black sclera when in monster form)
Occupation: Vampire hunter
Nationality: Hispanic/American
Personality: Silly and spontaneous, but serious when in a fight
Status: Deceased
Alignment: Good
Favorite Food: Tacos
Special Ability: Power of Dominance, a natural ability that allows him to absorb the souls of the paranormal creatures he kills and utilize their powers as his own.  
Primary weapon: His collection of souls and a vast arsenal of weapons ranging from knives to machine guns
Theme Song: Cross Your Heart/Crucifix Held Close
Character Role: Tritagonist/comic relief
Voice Actor: Tony Oliver (You may know him as the voice of Minato Namikaze from Naruto =P InabiUchiha98 suggested him.)
Character Relations
:iconthebloodstainedrose:TheBloodstainedRose 7 30
Young Adam Cruz by TheBloodstainedRose Young Adam Cruz :iconthebloodstainedrose:TheBloodstainedRose 8 0 Adam Cruz - Fatherly Love by TheBloodstainedRose Adam Cruz - Fatherly Love :iconthebloodstainedrose:TheBloodstainedRose 9 0 Adam Cruz - I Feel Like A Monster by TheBloodstainedRose Adam Cruz - I Feel Like A Monster :iconthebloodstainedrose:TheBloodstainedRose 11 0
I love all off these pics and Fanfics XDDD Anyways nice job!! every1 they are really good!!!!! ^^


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Sakura Haruno Smiling
I need to think of a better name for this one. I am proud of this one and it's thanks to this video here to help with my sizing and I draw the rest of the body so it different than the video.
If want to see the video on here:
I do not own Sakura Haruno she is own by: Masashi Kishimoto
Image by: :iconnarusasulover16:
This is just a WIP Idea, I name her Sasukeydie
Of course this is Sasudie's female form and I am redrawing it better now.
Oh the upper left corner those are just photo where I was looking at the face. I am going by that for Sasukeydie's face. Sorry I for got to delete them ^^'''
I am redrawing her right now I am still not use to the tablet. 
Sasukeydie: Belongs 2 :iconnarusasulover16:
Neko Sebastian Michaelis -lineart-
This is random drawing I did of Sebastian Michaelis. I did has a neko with his shirt off and wearing just a tie. Sorry for the bad photo of it. I haven't got my scanner hook up. actually this is kinda my first somewhat attempt to draw him.
I will color this sometime. I don't have the right skin tones for him. If you want to color him feel free too. But I want to see it ^^. I just notice I got his eyes kinda close. I am so bad with eyes. Anyways I hope you like this artwork ^^
Sebastian: I do not own him,it's just fan art.
Image by: :iconnarusasulover16:
233 deviations
6 deviations
Hey GUYS!! ^^ <3
I am going to post a really cool artwork I did and yes I am still editing Fanfics It not as much to go now. I will put up fanfics chapters sometime. Not sure when. I am thinking about becoming a Core Member to this sight sometime I hope. I want to change my username to sasukexnaruxsakura like my youtube channel. That if it not taken. I might change my to sasukexnaruxsakura (Again it MidnightFrostLover on there). Because People will know it's me. I am very active on youtube right now. I have a new story movie up for people every Saturday. It a NejiSasu Movie. I miss yesturday but I will be the part up I miss soon. I also did a Birthday Video For Sasuke I did it on his Birthday but There was a few Errors that I fix that is was put up the later that night witch it was the day after. 

Oh I just change my usernames on these sights to match my username on youtube:

Fanfiction net:…

This video is here is a OneShot ^ This one is for Sasuke's Birthday. I hope you guys check that out. ^^

This is the Leastest NejiSasu Movie: Nightmares & Reality ^
Heres The Playlist here for it: PlayList

I will be here on/off talking to people on here as much as I can ^^

  • Listening to: ♥Jack Frost♥- Luℓℓaby (on
  • Reading: NaruSasu,SasuNaru and SasuSaku Fanfics.Plus Others
  • Watching: Random Stuff
  • Playing: The Sims 3/Sims 4
  • Eating: Cookies = ) and Pickles!! *_*
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~.:1st Main RPC Naruco Uzumaki:.~

Naruco Uzumaki by narusasulover16

Name: Naruco Uzumaki
Sex: Female
Age: 6 - 7 (little kid),10 - 15 (naruto), 20 - 27 (Shippuden)
Mother: Kushina Uzumaki
Father: Minato Namikaze
Boyfriend: Ryuu Uchihacat
Twin: Naruto Uzumaki (little bro ok)
Sister in law: Sasuco Uchiha
Brother in law: Sasuke Uchiha
Nephew: Sasudie Uzumaki Uchiha, Sadie Uzumaki Uchiha,Daisuke Uzumaki Uchiha,Riku Uzumaki Uchiha,Koga Uchiha (Sasuco's Son), Tatsuo Uzumaki Uchiha and Kichirou Uzumaki Uchiha
Nieces: Michiko Uzumaki Uchiha & Nicole Uzmaki Uchiha
Great Nephews: Tsuyoshi Heartlee Uchiha, Isamu Heartlee Uchiha (Tsuyoshi,Isamu are twins ok) & Daiki Heartlee Uchiha
Great Nieces: Yuea & Summer Heartlee Uchiha (they are twins)
Daughter: Aika Uzumaki Uchihacat (tiwn to Kinto)
Son: Kinto Uzumaki Uchihacat (Twin to Aika )
Live in: Leaf Village
Classification: Medical-nin
Ranks: Genin, Chūnin & Anbu
Teammates: Sasuco Uchiha,Ryuu Uchihacat and Kabuto (hes good ok)
Sensei: Kushina Uzumaki

~.:2nd Main RPC Sasudie Uzumaki Uchiha:.~

Vampire Sasudie Uzumaki Uchiha by narusasulover16

Name: Sasudie Uzumaki Uchiha
Sex: Male
Boyfriend: Ko Heartlee
Age: Little kid 4-7 ,13-14 naruto/Shippuden 16-17
Village: Leaf Village
Mom: Sasuke Uchiha
Dad: Naruto Uzumaki
Aunties: Naruco Uzumaki and Sasuco Uchiha
Sisters: Michiko (twin),Nicole (little sis)
Brothers: Sadie (little bro),Daisuke (little Bro), Riku (little bro), Tatsuo (Little bro) and Kichirou (little bro)
Daughter: Yuea & Summer Heartlee Uchiha (they are twins)
Son: Tsuyoshi Heartlee Uchiha, Isamu Heartlee Uchiha (Tsuyoshi,Isamu are twins ok and older 2) & Daiki Heartlee Uchiha
Cuz: Kago Uchiha
Favorite Foods: COOKIES!! *o*, Ramen and other things = )
Dislikes: CANDY!!
My Niece's Page: :iconuchihanicole15:

My Friends:
:iconuchihanicole15: :iconxxsaskura-chanxx: :iconsweetheart-chan: :iconnanadaiime:
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My :+fav: Artist/ Doujinshi Writers & Writers are: :iconfeiuccia:, :iconproachheart-sasuke:, :iconcassy-f-e:, :iconsasunaru033:, :iconsilver-weed:,:iconbyblackrose:,:iconyasuli:,:iconakudemyfan:,:icondarksidermonents:, :icontruebond:
Great Art Work: :iconuzumaki00017:

Asked me favorites: :iconasksasunaru:

Cool BGS:…
My :+fav: Icon ^^: :iconsasukepeaceplz:

One of my favorite Fanfics:…
..F..Put this
..R..On your
..E..To Stop Friends
..!!..It shows that u care


Name: Princess

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

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Favourite cartoon character: Sasuke Uchiha,Sakura Haruno,Hinata Hyuga, Suigetsu & Naruto Uzumaki
Personal Quote: Do not give up, no matter what!


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